Kiranam team helps healthcare organizations in understanding complex challenges with their core business processes, business critical application systems, operational data warehouse and reporting systems. Kiranam team of experts provided solutions to these complex issues combined with deep understanding of business processes and emerging technologies.

Areas of Expertise

Data and Analytics platform Services

Kiranam team brings expertise years of expertise and deep understanding of legacy operational systems and data warehousing systems experience to provide recommendations in data platform architecture, hardware configuration and software stack to be considered based on the organization complexity, current foot print and future growth forecast. Our team built state of art unified data platform with mix of proven relational databases and No SQL/Hadoop data platforms to serve complex use cases including near real-time operational reporting, business intelligence, data visualization capabilities:

Data Migration and Integration Services

Kiranam performs data migration services leveraging our highly experienced professionals with extensive experience in many different flavors of HL7 transactional messages and interface implementations. Our experienced team has deep knowledge in data migration and conversion processes on complex datasets using industry standard ETL tools and techniques. Combining our expertise in HL7 based information modelling and healthcare data standards and various third party HL7 tools we have a solid platform to support any sized customers

Master Data Management

Kiranam team developed a homegrown Master Data Management solution with simple work flows that can be adopted quickly by data stewards and business data analysts. This solution integrates with operational systems, data warehouse and analytic platforms seamlessly with easy to use integration configurator tool.

Predictive Analytics

Kiranam Predictive analytic team consisting a team of certified data scientists with experience in healthcare data and programming expertise in SAS, R to develop predictive models. Kiranam team also have expertise in hosting Predictive Scoring systems for Healthcare organizations.